Citation: “Product Showcase: Schott’s SyriQ® and TopPac® Rigid Caps”. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 71 (Oct 2016), p 28.


Schott has added new closure systems to its already extensive portfolio of prefillable syringes (PFS), offering more flexibility for pharma companies while keeping patients safe. syriQ® Rigid Cap (SRC), shown in Figure 1, and Schott TopPac® Rigid Cap (TRC), shown in Figure 2, feature an intuitive twist-off mechanism. The caps ensure the integrity of the container, yet can easily be opened by healthcare professionals or patients.

These advanced closure systems for glass and polymer syringes improve patient safety while securing packaging supply chain. They offer a seamless fit for Schott’s prefilled glass syringes known under the brand name syriQ®, and Schott TopPac®, its polymer equivalent. SRC is already commercially available, with TRC to follow later this year.

“Container closure integrity (CCI) is one major concern in the pharma industry. Another one is usability. Our new closure systems deliver in both areas,” said Anil Busimi, Global Product Manager at Schott Pharmaceutical Systems. “The design of SRC, our solution for syriQ® glass PFS, matches a closure system the industry is already familiar with. This adds a great deal of flexibility to our customer’s supply chain, and it speeds up time to market for new or already existing drug products.”

SRC combines a rubber tip-cap with a rigid cap screwed in a Luer lock adapter. The closure system comes pre-assembled with Schott’s high-quality syriQ® glass syringe barrels, all pre-sterilised and in a standard nest-and-tub configuration. Thanks to standardisation and since the materials are similar to Schott’s existing product line, drug

manufacturers can quickly integrate SRC into existing production set-ups.

Schott is also ready to support drug developers in product documentation and the regulatory approvals process. This will help drug manufacturers get their product to market faster.

Schott developed TRC, the rigid cap for the Schott TopPac® polymer PFS portfolio, simultaneously with SRC. The rigid cap, fitted with a rubber tip-cap and twist-off mechanism, offers superior CCI during filling, processing, transportation, and shelf life. TRC, like CRS, is easy to open and easy to connect with hypodermic needles, IV connectors, or vial adapters, and reduces the risk of contamination while opening the closure system.


New solutions like SRC and TRC derive from Schott’s broad experience in syringe manufacturing. The company has been producing syringes in Europe since 1996. Today, the production is concentrated in Switzerland and is supported by an R&D team based at the site. From here Schott has developed a complete portfolio of both glass and polymer syringes, which is now even further expanded by the rigid closure systems. This offers pharma companies a broad range of solutions, suitable for a variety of applications like heparin, vaccines, biotech, and special applications such as intensive care.

Figure 1: The syriQ® Rigid Cap (SRC) for glass prefillable syringes.

Figure 2: The TopPac® Rigid Cap (TRC) for polymer prefillable syringes.

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