PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Logan Instruments’ Transdermal Testing Portfolio

Citation:  “Product Showcase: Logan Instruments’ Transdermal Testing Portfolio”. ONdrugDelivery, Issue 116 (Jan 2021), pp 30–31.

Logan Instruments is a leading provider of laboratory instrumentation to the global pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, with a focus on physical, dissolution and transdermal testing systems. Its pioneering transdermal testing system offering includes:

  • System 913-12 (Figure 1), an automated 12-position transdermal diffusion cell system that contains two FDC-6TA vertical transdermal diffusion testers, an SCR-DL sample collector, dual SYP-12L-10mL syringe pumps and a DSC-800 system controller.

Figure 1: System 913-12 automated transdermal diffusion cell system.

  • FDC-6TA (Figure 2), a water jacket vertical transdermal diffusion cell system.

Figure 2: FDC-6TA vertical transdermal diffusion cell system.

  • C&D 360 (Figure 3), a patch coating and drying system that can evenly apply a patch ingredient on release liner by using a dual-peak-blade.

Figure 3: C&D 360 patch coating and drying system.

  • System 914-12 (Figure 4), an automated dry heating transdermal system that contains two DHC-6T dry heat transdermal diffusion testers; a SCR-DL sample collector; dual SYP-12L-10mL syringe pumps and DSC-800 system controller.

Figure 4: System 914-12 automated dry heat transdermal system.

  • DHC-6TD (Figure 5), a dry heat transdermal diffusion system that is designed to test in vitro permeation rate for semi-solid dosage and topical drug formulation.

Figure 5: DHC-6TD dry heat transdermal diffusion system for semi-solid formulations.


Technical Services

To reduce the downtime of faulty machines and ensure consistent daily operations, Logan Instruments offers annual or biannual preventative maintenance, and troubleshoots and repairs instruments as required. Other technical services include: new instrument installation; upgrading and modification; customisation.

Compliance Services

To meet the stricter requirements of the US FDA 21 CRF Part 11, CFDA and GMP of the EU regarding data storage, security, consistency and audit tracking, Logan Instruments’ customers benefit from software that provides database management functions. Compliance services include: installation qualification (IQ); operation qualification (OQ); performance confirmation (PVT); and associated bespoke services.


Logan Instruments has experts within its service teams in the US and Asia/Pacific who provide customers with instrument operation training, customer sample testing, and experimental methodology application services.

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