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Citation: “Company Profile: Nemera”. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 57 (Apr 2015), pp 46-47.

In 2014, the healthcare business formerly known as Rexam Healthcare Devices became Nemera. This name change followed the May 2, 2014 acquisition by Montagu Private Equity. Nemera continues to operate with the same management team and its choice of name signifies a renewed commitment to its mission of providing patients with safe and accurate delivery devices.


Innovating for patients is at the core of Nemera’s mission. More than 50 engineers and experts work to achieve this at the Innovation Centre at La Verpillière, near Lyon, France.

The scope of the Innovation Centre includes the collection of patients’ insights, market watch, concept generation, IP monitoring, regulatory expertise, detailed risk-based design, design for manufacturing and support to plants for product lifecycle management and problem solving when appropriate.

Patient Insights & Human Factors

Studies Technical expertise and patient usability always work hand-in-hand. Along with the many fields of technological expertise (like material, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, mathematical models and other), creative design and usability assessment including Human Factors (HF) studies, are central to product development. The Innovation Centre carries real-world evaluations, through impartial volunteers and collects user feedback. Sophisticated technologies, like fast-camera tracking, give engineers an inside view of the way the device is used, making it safe and accurate for the patient.

“Advancia® is a new range of nasal spray pumps”…

Proprietary Devices & Contract Development

We apply the same quality-oriented process to the development of proprietary devices and to customised solutions under contract with laboratories. The development quality team guarantees full compliance not only of the final device but of all the development chain. Strong programme management ensures that the project is delivered on time and within budget.


Nemera is one of the world leaders in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery solutions. Nemera’s expertise encompasses five modes of delivery: ophthalmic (preservative-free droppers), nasal, buccal, auricular (sprays pumps, etc); pulmonary (DPIs and standard valves for pMDIs); dermal and transdermal (dispensers); and parenteral (injectors, pens, safety devices).

More than ten million asthmatics rely everyday on devices manufactured by Nemera.


Figure 1: Inhalia® new-generation valves for pMDIs.

Consistency and reliability are critical for respiratory patients. Inhalia® (see Figure 1) is a new generation of valve for pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDI).

Nasal, Buccal, Auricular

Following the SP270, a standard spray pump for ear, nose and throat, Advancia® is a new breed of pharmaceutical pump combining user-independence and preservative-free features in one single system. Advancia® offers a new alternative to improve treatment compliance in an increasingly demanding nasal spray market.


Nemera’s Safe’n’Sound® device provides safety from needle-stick injuries. Adding a passive automated safety feature to prefilled syringes, Safe’n’Sound® protects patients and caregivers from contamination by blood borne diseases. Robust and versatile, it comes in different formats and can be combined with ergonomic accessories.

Figure 2: Advancia® user independent nasal spray pumps


Preservatives are harmful to patients’ eyes and may jeopardise adherence to treatments, therefore Novelia® is the user friendly, preservative-free eye dropper with a precision blue tip. Novelia® is now commercialised in four continents and it is the only preservative-free eye dropper on the US market.


Sof’Bag is a high-performance airless dispensing device designed especially for pharmaceutical gels and creams. It brings precise dosing and protection for topical and transdermal formulations.

Nemera In Figures

  • 4 plants in Europe and the US
  • 50 engineers and experts working at the Nemera innovation center
  • >1,300 employees
  • >30,000 square meters of manufacturing clean-rooms


The name Nemera comes from two sources: “Emera” from Greek meaning “day” and suggesting renewal, fresh hope and life; and “Nemer” from Hebrew and Arabic, meaning “leopard” and suggesting swiftness, efficiency and agility.

Nemera CEO Marc Haemel commented: “We work hand-inhand with pharmaceutical companies to design, develop and manufacture the drug delivery devices that help patients every day.

“There is no limit to Nemera’s ambition to serve patients. We already market devices in over 40 countries for millions of users. We’ll keep investing in new products and in state of the art manufacturing equipment, to help even more patients with high quality devices all over the world.”

Nemera provides solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, including standard innovative products, development of custom devices and contract manufacturing. Montagu has also bought Rexam Prescription Products, the industry leader in prescription packaging for over 100 years, which is now known as Centor.

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