Each issue of ONdrugDelivery focuses 100% on one specific topic within drug delivery

Publication Date  Issue Topic Materials Deadline
Oct/Nov 2021 Drug Delivery & Environmental Sustainability passed
November 2021 Pulmonary & Nasal Drug Delivery passed
December 2021 Connecting Drug Delivery 04/Nov/2021
January 2022 Skin Drug Delivery: Dermal, Transdermal & Microneedles 09/Dec/2021
February 2022 Prefilled Syringes & Injection Devices 06/Jan/2022
March 2022 Ophthalmic Drug Delivery 03/Feb/2022
April 2022 Pulmonary & Nasal Drug Delivery 03/Mar/2022
Apr/May 2022 Drug Delivery & Environmental Sustainability 17/Mar/2022
May 2022 Injectable Drug Delivery: Formulations & Devices 07/Apr/2022
June 2022 Connecting Drug Delivery 05/May/2022
July 2022 Novel Oral Delivery Systems 02/Jun/2022
August 2022 Industrialising Drug Delivery  07/Jul/2022
September 2022 Wearable Injectors 04/Aug/2022
October 2022 Prefilled Syringes & Injection Devices 01/Sep/2022
Oct/Nov 2022 Drug Delivery & Environmental Sustainability 15/Sep/2022
November 2022 Pulmonary & Nasal Drug Delivery 06/Oct/2022
December 2022 Connecting Drug Delivery 03/Nov/2022

The above is a planned schedule which we reserve the right to change.

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