Beth Rosellini joined her brother Will over four years ago in his pursuit to resolve much of the unmet needs of patients with chronic neurological disease as well as the healthcare providers who care for them. After studying chemistry and mathematics, Beth went on to get a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, with niche focus on head and neck-related emerging therapy research. In early 2013, she founded and operated a telemedicine business delivering mobile dental care, clinical engineer service, and telecounselling support in long-term nursing care facilities. She concurrently engaged in various NIH-funded research programs related to neurostimulation in the head and neck as both Industry Expert and Principal Investigator. After exiting her telemedicine business in 2016, Dr Rosellini invested the proceeds into Nexeon and went on to serve in various roles in both clinical and research as well as business development functions. At the end of 2016, she left her position at Nexeon and founded VeloVerge, a medtech- and healthcare-focused business development consulting group that supports emerging therapies from innovative research to impactful commercialised product and ongoing service support. She maintains an ongoing relationship with Nexeon, consulting on various front-end related research and communication endeavours